Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shadow Boxing And Its Importance (part 2 of 2)

Testing Your Will

This boxing exercise starts off with the workout that generally lasts for an hour with all the dynamic and static stretches. Sort of like a warm up, it prepares every single muscle for an upcoming strenuous physical activity which may last for hours. It often helps the boxer if he looks into a mirror. This is one way of checking out the prettiness of every move that he makes or else there might be some dents in the one that he is doing.

It is said to test one's will basically because the shadow boxer needs to exert his own control over how he does with his own boxing performance. Anyhow, this boxing exercise can do the following:

Enhance one's focus. Visualization is an important thing to apply. The mindset is about a great performance while training or during an actual match in the ring. You can imagine everything as you wish.

Make you a man instead of a boy. This will lead you towards self realization to find out if you are indeed doing well with what you have in life.

It develops your skills. The drills are all meant to enhance your innate skill and add a few more to your list.

Improve your body conditioning. This is actually a good cardio exercise.

Finally, it tests your will. The sufferings are all given. However, it is your call of whether or not to give in to the challenges and pains.

Shadow boxing is an important component of boxing as a competitive sport. Sure enough, there are a couple of downsides but all that you have to do is to assess your own capacity, improve your craft, and give your best.

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